DEATEK GMB Srl A new manufacturing identity born from an experience matured in more then 40 years in the machining of ferrous and non.ferrous metals, with a specialization to produce  metal components upon  customer drawing .

The support of a specialised and qualified staff, contributes to the constant development of innovative products and new technologies that, besides the research of alternative solutions,  make our company a point of reference.

Our attention is directed to all the market sectors utilizing metal components both technologic and decorative ones.   

Main industrial sectors : taps and valves – hydraulic,- pneumatic – oleodynamic - nautical industry – furniture – bathroom accessories, decorative metal components for different utilizations

The company  flexibility,  a technologically advanced environment, together with a remarkable know-how, represents  a valuable support to carry out your projects, proposing adequated solutions to achieve the best result both in technical and quality level.

Production  processings:  

  • Gravity die casting for aluminium and brass
  • Hot pressing
  • High pressure die casting
  • Turning and mechanical workings
  • Metal plates machining
  • Surface finishing
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Assembling

Quality is our  main target which is guaranteed by  a carefull and scrupulous  inspection of the whole manufacturing process starting from the purchasing of the raw material exclusively from certified suppliers, the attention to the several production steps until  the final test for each single article.

Maintaining the solid professional tradition that always caractherize our company, we devoted a production line to manufacture:


  • beer,
  • wine,
  • water
  • soft drinks.
Download Deatek gmb catalogue
Download Deatek gmb catalogue